Scan Essentials - Point Clouds and Section Planes

Hi there,

I am really liking Scan Essentials and using point clouds in my models.

One issue that I haven’t managed to work out is that if you bring in a section plane it cuts through the point cloud whether the plane is active or not. Once this happens, the only way I have managed to resolve is to delete the section plane.

This is sort of ok if you are at an early stage of modelling but if you have an advanced model with scenes set it would be a big issue.

Has anyone else had this and more importantly, found a solution?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Macaulay

Hi Stephen,

You can double click your section to activate or deactivate the cut for both the model and the point cloud.


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Hi Jacques,

This is not working for me in models with multiple planes. Even if not active, the Point Cloud remains cut.

How do you do that recording? I can replicate to show you…

Images top to bottom:

  1. No active section - point cloud cut by section plane 6.
  2. Section Plane 6 activated - point cloud and model cut.
  3. Delete Section Plane 6 - point cloud is no longer cut.
  4. Undo delete section plane - point cloud cut again.

As I said, not sure how this is happening except I know that I added Section Plane 6 after the point cloud was in place.

Because I am using the point cloud through Layout, it is important that this is resolved as it is getting in the way of the work flow.

Kind regards,

Stephen Macaulay
YAM Architects Ltd

Could you right click on #6 and untick “Activate Cut”? Do not deactivate the cut from the toolbar.