Scan Essentials E57 import fails - project does not contain any points

Hi Jacques,
thank you, I’m downloading it now! (A drawback of moving to this property is that the broadband is a twentieth of the speed of our old house.)
I’ll report back when I’ve got it and tried it out.

Hi Kevin,

thank you for taking the trouble to look at this too, much appreciated. And great to see evidence of success - it demonstrates that it can work and I’m not on a hiding for nothing.

I don’t know the answer to your first question - are all 114 point clouds based on the same coordinates - what did you discover? Yes?

The files note: the single 18.26GB file is the “all in one” file, an aggregate of all 113 files. When I couldn’t make the 18GB file work, the surveyor exported the data as individual files, 113 of them.
Maybe I should have put the single and 113 separate files in different folders, for clarity.

They were exported in the same manner from Lieca Cyclone. The only difference being selecting one big file or many smaller ones. So I’m surprised that it’s not registering as a point cloud. Though this was my problem too.

That said, I will revert to the surveyor and see if there’s anything that could possibly have gone awry with the options boxes upon export.

Great to see that Undet handles it well. Though even more maddening that the Trimble one is tripping up. I saw the monthly sub, but that would be galling to use, as it’s the sort of thing I’ll want to dip in and out of many times over the coming years. So I’d not want to be looking at a heavy marginal cost every time I wanted to check a measurement or something. And I’m not a professional user of it, so couldn’t justify the expense.

I see your point about importing individual files - that more granular control could well be beneficial.

Great to see the point cloud working - can’t wait to get it working for myself! I hope I’m on the home straight. (Though the download just failed on this slow broadband :roll_eyes:)

Thanks again for helping.

… and I’ve got the file from Jacques downloaded. It works! Amazing, thank you.

Tell me, please, what did you do? What can I do to make it work? Keep filename path shorter?

And how is the file you sent back half the size of the file I had previously? Has compression occurred or data been trimmed?

So pleased to be making progress on this, thank you.

Hi Bagpuss

I would like to check out scan essentials - mainly because of cost.

It doesn’t seem to be offered as a standalone plugin - are you using Studio?

Hi Kevin,

It’s just an extension downloaded from the warehouse. Load it into Sketchup, and enjoy many weeks of happy frustration :wink:

Unless I’m missing something? I do not have Studio, just this plugin.

Hi @Bagpuss

Thanks for that link - which I have just followed.

I have always been confused about scan essentials - or more accurately how to have a trial of it because it does sound like a plugin I would buy, but I already have a SketchUp 2021 subscription and I already have Vray so I don’t really want to change to Studio.

When I checked yesterday it seemed as though Studio was the only route to getting SE but then your link seemed to suggest otherwise.

Anyway I tried to get a trial from your link, but only succeeded in downloading & installing SE but with error screens saying my Studio trial has expired as soon as I try to run it?

I’ve tried logging in and out a few times without success?

Any ideas?

Also - what would a standalone SE plugin cost?

Anyway - the toolbar looks very nice :smiley:

Um, I can’t fathom this! It’s a free plugin. I just downloaded Sketchup and installed, then downloaded scan essentials and installed, and away I went. (With the kind input of yourself and Jacques, of course.)

I know this works, as I’ve done it twice in recent weeks on two different computers. Running Mac normally, I had to start from scratch on PCs.

Perhaps it’s because (as I now know having googled and researched Studio) SE is part of Studio, so if your Studio trial has expired, it’s dragging down the standalone SE. Maybe try uninstalling Studio and installing SE on its own?

You are in a trial period, presumably.

Hi @MikeWayzovski @Jacques

Am I right in thinking scan essentials is ONLY available with a Studio subscription or can it be purchased separately - if so what is the cost?

I can see this on the SketchUp site:

But it doesn’t say ONLY?

Although that does seem to be the case.

Are Trimble missing out on sales?


Hi Kevin, you can purchase Scan Essential separately by clicking on this link. It takes you to the checkout cart for the standalone Scan Essentials application. It costs $550/ year as a standalone. Studio costs $699 in which you will get SketchUp Pro 2022 + Scan Essentials + V-Ray 5. And in total, you will save almost $400 by buying the bundle offer. We do not yet promote the standalone Scan Essentials because we find users will tend to buy the bundle offer. But feel free to purchase as you see fit :slight_smile:

The Sketchup itself is currently trial - on a windows laptop while I establish that it will work satisfactorily. But I have not encountered any suggestion that Scan Essentials is a trial version. Is it a premium plugin?

Ah, crossed over with the above message.

Wow, that’s a premium product. Had I known that, I would have been far less tolerant of the slog it’s been to get it working.

And no Mac version. So I’m reduced to running a separate PC just to run a version of Sketchup with Scan Essentials. Studio site indicates that VMs like Parallels are “not supported environments”.

It’s looking less and less attractive, to be honest.

I’ve just been at a trade show, and there were lots of companies pitching their software. Maybe I should have paid more attention.

Thanks Olivia

Thats actually less than I currently pay for Undet although purchasing Studio with Vray & SE together is obviously a no brainer if SE suits my workflow.

Could I get a trial of SE as an existing Pro customer?

Hi Kevin, when was your last trial with SketchUp? If it was last year, you can start a new Studio trial. However because SketchUp Desktop will not give you the option of a new trial. You will need to go to the marketing website to register for a new trial.

Let me how it goes for you. Thanks

Thanks for your reply Olivia.

I actually worked out a way to trial SE yesterday evening, which I am currently in the process of doing. I have to say SE is absolutely amazing for my workflow compared with Undet (which has served me very well for the last few years) and I am pretty sure I will subscribe to Studio very shortly.

One question completely off topic - is there any way to project textures from SE onto the model surfaces?

Thanks again. Kevin

Hi Bagpuss,
I understand Jacques has fixed the issue for uploading over 100 files. Thanks for reporting the issueand glad we were able to help you out.
Scan Essentials has never been free. The standalone price is $550/ year which 15% cheaper than Undet already. And since last April, its being bundled into SketchUp Studio which also includes Pro + V-Ray 5. Also FYI, undet is also for windows only. I’d guess majority of point cloud extensions are for windows only. Please let us know if you find any good ones for mac too? :slight_smile:

Hi Olivia,

yes, Jacques kindly got my file/files working. Though I’m still none the wiser as to how it was achieved. Obviously, I don’t want to have to return to a forum and ask for help every time I want to open a new point cloud. I would like to understand what was wrong, what had to happen to make it work.

I’d also like to understand why the file that Jacques produced is half the size of the file I started with. Has it been compressed? Has data been lost? Are there fewer points?

I was prepared to cut Scan Essentials a lot of slack while I took it to be a no-cost extension to the already premium Sketchup. But $550 a year is punchy for a product if it doesn’t, in fact, work without sending my files to someone else to tinker with!




As I said I found an issue when the path is too long and when multiple files (like 100+ files) are selected.
I fixed it on the beta build. We will release a patch in the coming days.

All the points were converted. I zipped the project before sending it to you. That is why it is much smaller.


Thanks for clarifying the file size question, Jacques.

Path length: do you mean the file path? The file name and where it is in the folder hierarchy?

Hi Bagpuss
My understanding is that Jacques has fixed something within Scan Essentials and it will just work for similar situations in the future. You won’t be expected to come to the forum and share your projects with us each time. Scan Essentials is a relatively new product on the market and the team is constantly working on fixing issues and developing new capabilities. We appreciate you reporting issues.