Scaling space, not the object

Hi folks, I’ve rendered a simple dining table base, and my clients happily decided to order a matching coffee table. Is there a way to scale the group without losing the original size of components?

It depends upon how you built the model. Can you share it?

The other day I had a request to make a smaller table from a larger design. this included reducing the thickness of most of the parts as well as length changes. It only took a few minutes to do it but the Scale tool wasn’t involved.

The long version of the table is a design by Marcus Soto and is featured in the current issue of Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. Here’s the model. MLD3.1.17.skp (163.9 KB)

Yes. It’s possible to do it. Use the Move tool instead of the Scale tool. How much do you want to change it?

Maybe we should look at it together.

I’ve actually already redrawn it, as it was pretty simple. I’ve come up against this in the past with a more complex model, and I’m sure I will again in the future. It would be a big time saver if the scale tool had the option to retain component dimensions. For reference, here is the redrawn model.MLDcoffeetable.skp (78.0 KB)


It’s really not a big deal to resize something like your table using the Move tool but now that you’ve got it…

FWIW, since you are using SketchUp for work for clients, you need to be using the Pro version.

Thank you Dave,

I think I see your point about the move tool, and I certainly see your point about purchasing the Pro version.
I look forward to purchasing Pro, and I firmly believe that some use of Make with a few clients will make that possible.

I also believe that proficiency is the greater part of a valuable tool. My lack of proficiency in Sketchup is what brought me to this forum. I wish to learn more.

All that said I will purchase Pro when cashflow allows.

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