Trying to attempt scaling, using one item in 3d...I may have just thrown away my day. Ugh


Hey guys. Brand new Sketchup (make 2017) user here. (Windows 10, Intel i7 (??)

(Disclaimer…I did attempt to research this in the forums, but I may not be asking the correct questions.)

I sketched up some plans (A beehive) in 3d, with all of the measurements based on an internal piece. (allowing for the correct amount of room around it.) Building from the inside out, kinda thing. I was, literally, importing a couple of pics as details, to finish up, when I realized that had gotten the original length of the item that I built around, WRONG!!! Arrrg! It’s off by two inches.

I just spent quite a bit of time watching some tutorial videos about scaling. It would appear that I should be able to scale that part down the two inches, and the rest should follow (??) I sure hope so. I did read a comment that said this may not be possible in 3D… I sure would like you to prove that guy wrong.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me, or at least point me to an instructional video or even just give me some good search terms. Quite frankly, my brain may just be exhausted.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :slight_smile:


To give you the best advice upload your model here - if it is under 3MB, use the 7th icon from the left above where you type your post. If it is larger, use the 3Dwarehouse, Dropbox, or a similar file sharing service, and post a link.

Be aware that if you scale something, all of the selection or the component you are scaling changes in proportion, which may or may not be what you want. You can scale on one, two, or all three axes simultaneously or sequentially, and the scale for each axis can be different. If you just want to make part of the beehive shorter or taller, you may just be able to Move the end that is wrong.

And you can scale either as a proportion, or by typing a length (with units - inches, feet and inches, mm, cm or m) to change the size to a predetermined value.

So, YES you CAN scale in 3D.


Hey buddy. I appreciate the quick reply and even more, the reassurances. I will try to go through the upload process (that’s pretty cool…who knew?), when I have a little more time. Getting the kids ready for bed, of which I rarely make it through. lol. I will try tomorrow.

Thanks again. I am grateful.