Scaling on plot

And one thing confused me is that, is it that when i say 10cm=1m on paper, in real life means that 10cm from the paper has to 1m on the plot? pleased can anyone clear this for me please…


a 1/10 scale means that 1cm on paper is 10cm in reality. therefore 10cm on paper is 100cm (or 1m) in reality.

Usually, when dealing with scales, we tend to use similar units :
we’ll say 1/10 for 1cm = 10cm or 1m = 10m but we won’t say 10cm = 1m even though it’s the same scale. that would be a bit confusing.
a 1/10 scale means the drawing is 10 times smaller than reality.
a 10/1 scale means that the drawing is 10 times bigger than reality, that’s why we use the same unit on both sides, to avoid mistakes.

However, because not everyone got trained about scales, Layout features a very smart scaling system where you can create your own by using your own values.

Capture d’écran 2023-12-09 à 14.43.39
(this is the mac interface, but it works the same on PC)
I can have two different units, layout will do the math :

Capture d’écran 2023-12-09 à 14.43.46
(because 1m is 100cm)

That’s perfect sir real appreciated…

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I remember struggling with it at first, because when drawing by hand, I learned it the way you expressed it, in cm per m

so, 10cmpm is 1/10 , 5cmpm is 1/20 and so on.

I would do a lot of 10cmpm, 4 or 5 cmpm and 2cmpm
in the end, it’s simple math :slight_smile:

Sir but how will i know my plot size of 25m X 30m is 10 times smaller or bigger than on the scaling i should made on paper sheet/layout ? Pleased am trying for people to help me clear my doughs on this area is very particular for me more of when am doing everything online…