Scaling issue

Any have problems with scaling issues. i export as DXF and once i load it into sheet cam everything thing is over sized by fractions of an inch upwards of an inch. this has been an on going issue please any advice would be great.

2d exporting? Make sure the camera is set to a standard view such as “top” (most likely) and the camera is set to parallel projection before exporting. If the model view is skewed when exporting it will produce inacurracies in the DXF output.

What Ian says will fix things for 2D DXF exports. If you do 3D DXF exports the scale should be good.

I use standard view before I export and the problem is still happening. and i am exporting in 2D

You must use Parallel Projection (Camera menu)

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What Anssi says is correct, you would need a top down view, for example, and parallel projection. But even then you would not be exporting true curves, you would get line segments. If you export the same plan as 3D, you don’t have to worry about the camera view, and you get true curves. Remember to turn off Faces in the export options, otherwise you will get line segments on top of the true curves.

Thank you this was my problem!