Scaled Drawings - Dimension Accuracy - Metric

Hi Everyone - I am drawing some grid lines in LO using scaled drawing capability to type in the exact metric distance… in this case each gridline is entered 6000mm apart…

But when I dimension the gap between the two grid lines it tells me it is only 5997mm apart.

I am careful to make sure it snaps onto grid lines when dimensioning and that the dimension is horizontal.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this…?



OK… a little more testing … it seems LO method of copying a line and forcing an orthogonal axis movement is easily to shift off the x axis when dragging the gridline and holding the CNTL+SHIFT keys to create the copy.

Accordingly the displacement isnt purely 6000 in the x direction…

So I created a couple of rectangles of the required x dimension [as they are orthogonal] and then snapped the gridlines to those and the spacing was now correct.

Surely there is a less error prone way than this ?

any help appreciated

PS, this is one reason why and SU equivalent MOVE keyboard command would be appreciated

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Sure. Start moving the copy. Let go of the mouse and type the distance including the Y value. i.e. 6000,0 (or 6000;0 for those who use , as a decimal separator.)


Thx Dave, be even more intuitive if it worked like SU…

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