Scale via reference to length of object outside context?

Good day,

If I have a object with a length I want to use as a reference to scale a line in another object to as a means of scaling the whole object so the scale relates to the first object size, how would I do this??? I could line things up with the edge of the scaling box but this seems tricky- Also with 3d objects the bounding box goes outside the limits of the object. Any better ways of doing this??? any extensions.

Also by object I think I mean component/group.

Been sketching up for some time but haven’t ever been able to figure out how to do this…

Thanks sorry this is likely rehash - Dont know how to phrase this Q

How about sharing a simple SketchUp file that shows what you are trying to do?

With some abstract thinking you could do it.

Select everything in the scene that you don’t want to scale, and do a Cut.

Use the tape measure and click at each end of the line that is not yet the right length.

Type the length of the reference line, and Enter. You will be asked if you want to scale the model. Say Yes.

Edit/Paste In Place.

All of the things you didn’t want to scale will be at their original size, and the parts of the model that needed to scale up will be scaled to the amount that makes the wrong length line now be the length of the reference line.

Ahhh thanks great!

yeah I never realized one can use the tape measure to resize things. Great.

Very handy that solves the problem