Scale to an specific object, NOT TYPING MEASURE

I would like to scale an object to an especific object dimension directly without using the tape and TYPING the new distance. Is that possible?

Use the scale tool and type the size including the unit.

Or use inferencing. Iā€™m unsure of exactly what you are asking.

Yes, I too find your post confusing.

Do you mean this:

ā€œI would like to scale one object to a specific other object size without using the Tape or typing in a distance.ā€?

Exactly, sometimes when you have an object imported from autocad you never know the exact distance as far it can contein many digit in spite of only shows 2 decimals. I wonder if there is an order as in other CG software where you can scale to an end and start point of the desired object.


For clarity add an example model.

You can do this sort of thing.

sorry can see the gif properly.

Yes, something went wrong. Try this one:

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Thank you man, great answer.

As above. So you know what term to use if you need to search for more info.