Scale "Reference" like AutoCAD?

Is there anyway we can proportional scale object by typing desired dimensions ACAD ?

  1. In AutoCAD it is very simple to use Scale > Reference
    just current dimensions" to “desired dimension”

  2. In SKP, I learn how to use tape measurement tool to scale object inside group or component.
    However this tip is not so convenience, and sometime I forget to edit inside component so the whole model dimensions are changed.

  3. Fredo Scale tool
    This one is very close to what I am looking for if it allow user to link all axis dimensions to allow user can only input one axis dimensions, and another 2 axis will be updated proportionally.

Is there any other way or any extension can do this task ?

Thank you very much.

Use the built in scale tool and include the unit.

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Thanks Box for helping again.
I have tried built in scale tool but it does not work.
For example if I would like to scale this cube from 440 mm to 1000 mm cube.
In input window, if I type 1000mm, I will not get the result I want.

How you scale it for this case ?

That’s because your entered 1000mm apply to the diagonal.
You could scale x,y and z separately, but I think drawing the box to the desired dimensions from the start would be the best way…


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If you scale from the corner you can add all three dimensions separated by a , or ; depending on your regional settings.



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Reason I use corner scale is I would like to maintain correct proportion. The real use case is not to scale simple cube, but mostly i will use to scale imported jpeg floor plan which mostly will not come with correct scale.

So if i can type correct dimensions lime Acad, it will make thing a lot easier.

When I drive a car, sometimes I forget to press the brake pedal, then I hit the wall. :blush:

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Haha, exactly :laughing:, seems no better way this trick until there is a new extension.

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For a jpeg use the tape measure tool, no need for a new extension at all…


If you pick a handle in the middle and hold shift, it rescales Uniformly, but you only need to type one dimension.

So, if you know the height, one would grab the top center handle, hold shift, drag in the desired direction, let go of the mouse, then let go of Shift and type the height you want it to be (still including units)


Fantastic ! This is exactly a tool I am looking for !
It is old extension (2015) but still work

Thank you very much for your support.

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Tape measure tool scale will affect the whole model, not just imported jpeg.

Not if it is a group or component…

Correct. We have to scale inside group or component.

Thank you Mike,
I never know it!! I stop using built in scale tool for a while and change my default to Fredo scale.
This is very helpful to know built in tool can do this.