Scale One Plane of a group

Is there a way to scale one side of a group? I need to shape a collection of rocks into a cone shape while making them increase in size from one end to the other.


Fredoscale Taper.

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately the extension isn’t doing what I need.

Could you explain better what you need then, because this seems to be what you said.


That’s exactly what I meant, but the tool isn’t doing that.

In that case, what is the tool doing which is different from @Box’s demo? Including a screen shot of the result, and perhaps of an intermediate state while operating the tool, would be helpful to understand. (You can upload images by using the seventh icon from the left in the toolbar shown while creating a forum reply - it looks like an inbox with an up-pointing arrow.)

Even holding control it wasn’t scaling from center and instead warping it off to one side, but I also couldn’t do it one direction at a time since you can’t enter percentages while scaling from center. Maybe it’s my computer. It’s a moot point as I’ve already completed it by hand.

Thanks anyway