Scale about center without moving a side

How to do this without extensions?

I know how to scale about the center of an object, but I often want to scale about the center while keeping one face of the object in its original position.

For example, in this screen capture I’m trying to increase the size of a pipe fitting which is already properly positioned on a pipe. In the video I scale about the center by 1.5, which works perfectly. But then because the side connected to the pipe has moved, I’m forced to move the object back and that seems unnecessary.

So, how do I keep the side of the fitting attached to the pipe fixed while I scale about the center?


In one of the desktop version of SketchUp with CLF Scale and Rotate Multiple extension

Thanks, @mihai.s, but I am using the Sketchup Web version.

How to do it without extensions please.

The center of the object is not centered on the center of the circle at the bottom opening of the elbow.

Place the elbow component’s origin at the center of the lower mouth. Then use the Tape Measure tool to resize instead of the Scale tool.


Scale about center doesn’t keep one end in the same spot, it keeps the center in the same spot…

Since you’re using SketchUp Free I moved your thread to the appropriate category. Had you put it there in the first place Mihai wouldn’t have suggested an extension as a solution to your question.

@DaveR this worked for me. Thanks.

I also learned something about the Tape Measure tool.

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