Scaling from center

Hello everyone. I could be wrong about this but from what I can tell, when I try to scale an object using the scale tool and I want to hold “control” in order to scale it from the center… I lose the ability to scale from center if I want to type in the precise scale factor. (You have to let go of “control” in order to type in the scale factory, and it seems that when it accepts your scale factor, it no longer scales from center).

Is there way for me to scale an object from it’s center position by typing in the scale factor and not dragging the corners/holding control?

Thank you.

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Let go of the mouse button first. Then let go of Ctrl and type the scale factor.

Thank you Dave, I’ll try that.

You rock, as usual.

Good luck, Rick.

That’s because the floor isn’t flat. :smiley: