When you scale from the center of an object there is no way to type anything in the scale window

When I want to scale from the center of an object (by pressing the CTRL key) there is no way to type anything in the right lower corner in order to specify the Scale size…
Try it for yourself… This is totally, totally ridiculous, and very frustrating.
I like Sketchup, it is an intelligent program but it has a lot of things that don’t make any sense even if you pull your hair out. None of the “so called” Sketchup Help videos DO NOT MENTION THIS BUG

Start scaling with Ctrl, let it go (Ctrl key) and then type a value. Don’t try to click on VCB (measurement box - right lower corner)

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I think they don’t mention it because it’s not a bug in SketchUp. It’s a user bug.

Check this:

at 2:40, it clearly says HOLD the CTRL Key to scale from the center of the object.
Hold means to hold it, not just to push it and release it.
For me if you push then release the CTRL key, it goes back to scale from the opposite corner

Mihai, imi pare rau dar nu are nici o logica. Eu cand fac release la CTRL se intoarce inapoi la Scale from Opposite Corner. Iar videoul de explicatii spune HOLD the CTRL Key not hold and release

Fă paşii următori:

  • selectează obiectul şi apasă S (scale shortcut);
  • alege unul dintre punctele de colţ şi trage cu mouse-ul într-o direcţie. În acelaşi timp apasă şi Ctrl (se va activa centrul ca origine de scalare) şi apoi lasă mouse-ul nemişcat, ia mîna şi de pe Ctrl şi tastează o valoare, apoi Enter.

E ceea ce am arătat în Gif-ul animat.

Ceea ce ai dat exemplu se referă la o scalare ‘la ochi’.

Like most things in sketchup you can complete an action to an arbitrary point , then type and hit enter.

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