Can you enter the value to scale an object while using Ctrl key pressed for center scaling?

Just find it a pain in the butt not to be able to enter the exact amount into the measurement box while trying to scaling with center scale Ctrl key presses. It only allows you to left click and slide the mouse to adjust the number to size the item being scaled. You have to release the Ctrl key in order to type it the amount or else a small box appears in measurements area?? Thus you can now enter exact amount but now it will only scale to opposite side and wont center scale the item.


With many items you cant shift select and adjust//scale all at once, very time consuming with many multiple items. Even as a component you have to center scale each one as an individual. Just looking for a way around this if possible…

There are two ways to use the value control box (VCB®):

  • during action:
    while holding the mouse pressed (and dragging etc.), you can type the desired length and press enter.
  • after action:
    scale the object to an arbitrary size with all desired inferences and modifier keys pressed. Release the mouse. Then type the precise size into the keyboard and press enter.

For scaling multiple independent items simultaneously, there are extensions: [Scale and Rotate multiple][1]
[1]: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse


Thanks, I just tried it and it solved the problem. I was releasing the Ctrl key before I released the mouse and it would shoot back to Uniform Scale about Opposite Point. Story of my life: user error, thanks again and knew it had to be something I was over looking. Thanks for the time and…Peace…