Scale menu issues


Hello friends, When I right click mouse button to get fly out menu to select scaling option for 2D line drawing it sometimes appears and other times I get another more limited fly out menu - very sporadic. Is there another way to select scale when importing line drawing scene? Hope this makes sense.


To be able to set a scale to a SketchUp scene in LayOut the view must be using Parallel Projection. Perspective views cannot be to a fixed scale.

The scale can also be set in the SketchUp Model tray.



Thanks, yes Parallel Projection is set and TOP view too. Still, the fly out menu issue is strange. Very sporadic in what fly out menu is shown when I right click.

I’m currently tracing an architects hand drawings of new garden designs for better client presentations. She generally uses 1/8"=1’.

My method has been to:

  1. scale then trace the scanned plan in sketch up

  2. Create a scene of this line tracing and insert in layout

  3. Then add labels, title block etc.etc. in layout

This seems a bit unnecessary as I would prefer to just be able to trace the scanned image in layout.

I tested this out by inserting the scanned image into layout but upon selecting the image in order to scale to an 1/8th inch=1 foot the scaling menu would not activate.

I just want to create line drawing plans nothing in 3-D from her sketches to scale, add color, graphic plan view trees, ect.

What’s the best method? Thanks


In LayOut, scales can only be applied to SketchUp model views that use parallel projection. Everything else is treated as page objects that are always to full scale.



Thanks and that clears up alot and thanks as well your pointing out accessing scaling from SketchUp Model - I don’t know why the right clicking only works some of the time.

2 other issues if you might help to solve:

  1. Is Send to Layout for 3d models only? I’ve been trying to send a 2d drawing and Send to LO doesn’t work…nothing appears in LO after sending from SU.

  2. Today, after copying a saved drawing in SU in attempt to paste into LO in order to scale I got these yellow alert icons with an exclamation point within that have never appeared before (see screen shot). Any thoughts?

Again, I’m tracing handdrawings in Sketchup and Importing to Layout for final output to customer and having very sporadic success with this process.

And scale SU in LO doesn’t produce any changes in scale.

Thanks for any help you might give,