LayOut 2021 v21.1.278 Scaling Problem

I’m having a couple of problems that bug me a lot. One of them is the Scale issue when I insert a Scene. The Scale selector acts up funny and becomes a writable scale input rather than a dropdown menu. Also, when selecting the pre-set scales, it makes the Scene to a wrong scale. I’ve made a screen recording of it. I hope it gets fixed.

Another issue is less severe–whenever I close the LayOut app, it crashes and opens up the bug report.

I think you are referring to the new feature that allows you to type any scale you like in the box, though you can also do as you used to (and as you demonstrate) by clicking the drop down and selecting from a predetermined list.

I can’t really tell from your vid whether this addresses your problem or not.

When a SketchUp model is in Perspective view, elements in the model are not to scale. To show your model’s scale in your document, you need to switch to Parallel Projection view, which displays what’s also called an orthographic projection.

You can switch to an orthographic view and set a scale for your model right in LayOut. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the SketchUp model entity in the drawing area.
  2. Open the SketchUp Model panel.
  3. Click the Ortho button, which becomes highlighted when your model displays an orthographic view, as shown in the following figure. Alternately, context-click the model entity and deselect the Perspective option from the context menu that appears. When the model entity view is orthographic, the scale options in the SketchUp Model panel become available.
  4. Click the Scale dropdown (next to the Ortho toggle). Select a scale preset or simply type in your desired scale and hit enter. For instance, type 1:5, 20%, .2, or 1/5 and to apply a 1:5 scale to a viewport.To add your own custom scale to the list of preset options, scroll to the bottom of the Scale dropdown and select the Add Custom Scale (Microsoft Windows) or Custom (Mac OS X) option to create a custom

The problem shown in the video is that the selected scale doesn’t represent the scale. If you look closely, when I’m selecting the same scale, it shows two different scales–the second click on scale shows the true scale.

Getting rid of Entry Info to Layer writable option in SketchUp which was efficient for quickly naming layers on go (good for creative minds) and adding writable Scale (we don’t usually scale drawings for accuracy…we do it to have uniformity in the sets of drawings…) isn’t a wise engineering.

I’ll expect revision in the next update, as this one isn’t favorable.

Maybe a language problem but I don’t really understand what you are saying.