Scale isn't correct

Hi Everyone.

I’m importing .las files that I saved from CloudCompare and the scale is WAY off. I think scan essentials is assuming the dataset is in meters, but it’s in US feet.

Are there default import settings I’m not aware of?

I think it starts to get real complicated , cloudcompare doesn’t care about the units, it’s simply storing coordinates.

What is the metadata showing in your files for the LAS scale?
Maybe SE doesn’t respect that metadata?


Scan Essentials is able to read the unit in the header of a LAS file if it is existing. Using the lasinfo | rapidlasso GmbH tools I checked how it could looks like inside a LAS, and here after are examples :

You should check what the header of your files are including after an export from CloudCompare (my examples are coming from another software that is able to specify the export Unit).


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I also did check in SE : I did import 2 LAS files, one exporter in Meters, and one exported in USSurveyFeet.

Both did import in Scan Essentials with the right size/position and was identical in SketchUp.
If you have a small LAS exported from CC, we could check this header.