Scale Irregularly or Rotating Diagonally

I am new to SketchUp and got stuck.

I want to scale the below group in a particular way and can’t do it. I am sure it can be done but I just can’t seem to be able to find the right way.

I want corner 1 to remain at the same height. but want to raise the corners 2,3 and 4 such that 2 and 4 are the same height and 3 is a little higher than 2 and 3
I tried using the scale tool but it doesn’t seem to help, the roof remains level.
I tried rotate tool but I just can’t seem to rotate the group diagonally.

I’d be grateful for any insight. Below is the image and on the right is the front view, sorry for the rough sketch. Thanks in advance.

How about placing a guide line at 45° to the corner and using it as an axis for rotation?

Scaling wouldn’t be appropriate.

Dave, Thank you so much for the reply. This will work. I am sorry, this may sound silly but I can’t get to rotate like you do, it simply rotates on a plane. I am not sure how you are rotating here. Thanks.

Click and hold the mouse button while dragging along the guideline.

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Thank you for the prompt reply Dave. You are awesome!

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