Rotate a group at vertex and align the opposite vertex to a point

I feel that I’ve come across a plugin that can do this but cannot seem to find the correct descriptors to locate it if indeed it exists.

In the screenshot I want to rotate the group at the rotation point and align the opposite vertex (yellow) to the vertex of the other group (orange)

The way I currently do it is to draw a circle at the rotation point that has a radius equal to the depth of the group to be rotated, then I use Tig’s True Tangents to get a guideline from the orange vertex tangent to the circle at the rotation point.

Perhaps there’s a very simple way of doing this that eludes me…

There are a couple of ways to do this, Paul. Instead of using a circle, draw an arc centered on the point of rotation and starting from the destination point and ending on the part that is beeing rotated. That shows where to grab the rotating part to start the rotation. Another option is to use Rotation (Free) in FredoScale. It was designed to do this before the Arc tool was introduced in SU.

Arc drawn.


End of rotation.


thanks Dave - that’s very simple to do

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Happy that helps.

FWIW, if you know that the end of the rafter has been cut at the correct angle, it might be more straightforward to move the rafter up to align with the top of the ridge and then rotate it down from the upper end to close up the gap. Then adjust the length of the rafter to suit.