Sketchup Free version ----- set rotation point question

I have the free version and I was wondering if I a group within a structure is there anyway to define a fixed rotation point or axis so I can rotate the group with the structure?

There’s not a specific way to do it but you can draw in geometry or place a guid point with the Tape Measure tool to identify where you want to anchor the Rotation tool.

Thanks for your prompt response. I was afraid of that, the rotation point is buried within the structure unfortunately.

What is it you’re modeling? You should be able to create some sort of geometry you can use as the center of rotation. The center doesn’t need to be buried inside the object.

Yes I figured it out, thanks for your help. I found the point of rotation on an accessible surface and then choose the group and set my rotation guide on the point. Worked great. :+1:t2:

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