Scale grips that stay the same size while zooming

The endpoints stay the same size while zooming, so shouldn’t the scale grips stay the same size while zooming too?

Endpoints (Zoomed in)

Endpoints (Zoomed Out)

Scale Grips (Zoomed in)

Scale Grips (Zoomed Out)

The thing about scale grip is that their relative sizes are adjusted to fit into the perspective. This is one of those small things I love about SketchUp. While other programs often just have simple 2D handles you can feel where in space SketchUp’s handles are, and the third dimension of the model is conveyed so much more intuitively.

With the current implementation the physical size is calculated based on the pixel to physical size ratio in the bounding box center. I think the side of the handle is based on a size of 12 logical pixels. Once the physical length this pixel length would translate to in that specific point is calculated, that physical size is used for the handles. This causes handles further away to be somewhat smaller than those closer to the camera.

The problem arises though when you view a long scale box from its short end. In these cases the relative distance from the camera to the close and far end is very, very large. This happens quite rarely (compared to all the times the implementation works beautifully) but when it happens it is still rather annoying.

I think a solution for this should be implemented without trading off the behavior in the situations where it does work. Perhaps the handle size could be capped to a maximum of 48 px (12*4) and a minimum of 3 (12/4)? This way the perspective would be a little off in these edge cases but the handles would still have a reasonable size, and the perspective would still be correct in most cases.

Some trivia: The scale handle minimum physical size seems to be capped to 0.1". If you have a view where one handle is unreasonable small, zooming closer to it often makes it even smaller and smaller, to one point. Then it seems to get larger again as the screen size this physical model size translates to increases as you are getting closer.

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