Scale grips handles missing


Still having strange issues. Sorry for constant bombarding the forum with questions (but I guess it’s made for that :P).
In my model some scaling handles are missing. I cannot scale group in Z axis. I made it a component, applied a dynamic component attribute: Z size to 100 cm instead of 3 but still I cannot scale it manually.
I downloaded Curic Behaviour which controls displaying scale grips but it’s set to “all” so it shouldn’t influence. I don’t know if this plugin could have messed with group’s scaling behaviour. The model I’m sharing comes from a bigger model in which other groups scale normally.
This one is somehow ill-formed. But SketchUp doesn’t ask to fix model when saving. I also opened this model in SU16 (made in SU17) where I don’t have Curic plugins - no changes.

scale handles missing SU16.skp (545.6 KB)

You have restricted the size to 100cm in your components attributes.
So naturally the z axis scale handle is missing.

explode it and make a new component…fixed

Pcmoor, unfortunately not fixed.
Regardless I re-group or “re-component” it, the grips are still missing. Anyways, as I had multiple instances, it wouldn’t help me :frowning:

Box, it happened even before I set component attributes.

The thing is very strange. I exploded it and made a feew smaller components. All of them scale properly. But if I select these two on the left and put them into a new group or compo, it still misses the Z scale handle.

I looks to me as if the issue may be that these objects have zero initial thickness? When that is the case, the scale tool doesn’t offer a grip for that direction because it makes no sense: quick, how thick is 5 times zero? However, there is a slight inconsistency since the scale tool normally will accept an absolute value rather than a multiplier if you specify the units. Perhaps the developers thought that to be an unnecessary special case since pushpull would achieve the same end.

you have an initial thickness of 30mm…

as a proportion to the smaller items area, 30mm will trigger all scale handles…

as a proportion of the large component it is simply not enough difference…

if you draw a rectangle and PushPull 300mm inside the comp, the scale handles will be shown…

your model also has 2248 entities not on Layer0, which can lead to other issues.


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Right, this is the simplest solution. I didn’t think about it earlier. I just drew a vertical line 10cm high and the handles appeared :smiley:

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