Enormous scaling handles inside group or component

Please explain the problem you are having.

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I think these green things are the 5 scale anchor points - 4 on every corner and 1 in the middle. I’ve experienced this a couple of times before too, when those handles become too big. Normally one sweep of zoom would fix it for me. Haven’t had this problem for a long time however.

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the ‘over sized’ selectors have nothing to do with being in a group…

it is due to the proportions of the item selected and the zoom level in the view…

if you zoom into the end they separate [sometimes]…


Try switching to parallel view instead of perspective.

The boxes are sized to whatever physical size equals 10 px at the center of the bounding box of what is being scaled. This means they sometimes get really large or really small when you are very close to them.

Answering what I think was the question: why are the scale grips overlapping?

In your case (on nearest end) in both green and blue direction: this is due to the ratio between the scaling box of the selection. It can be replictated any time.
Select something that stretches way into the distance, see image.

Scale down its length by its center grip in the back and see how the front grips decrease in size.
Grip size seems to be determined by the largest size of the bounding scale box.

You can also see this in action if you use the “Dave method” to scale a component before doing an operation that might lose small geometry. When you first scale by say 100, all you will see is an enormous grip until you do a zoom-extents. As @Wo3Dan shows, SketchUp bases the grips on the largest dimension of the bounding box even if the other dimensions are much smaller.

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