Saving versus save as

There sh/be a save as feature when opening a new project in a new folder so that you can rename the new section and if you mess up the whole project at least you can go back to the previous version. Just offering a save when you’ve done the whole bottom layer to scale is huge waste of time.

There is a Save As feature but it can’t be found in what appears to be the main and only menu (the hamburger menu). Instead it is located in a File menu (concealed with a folder icon).


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Thanks. Just found it. How do I save a skp file in free sketchup? Looked in downloads and file search under day and file type and obviously not anywhere except on the cloud. Thx.

Click on Download in the same menu @eneroth3 shows in her screen shot. That will allow you to save the file to your local computer.

You should spend some time here: Getting Started with SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help and Saving, Opening, and Downloading Models | SketchUp Help

the Save As button does not prompt me to a file name, how do i save my file?

Yes it does. Look at the bottom of the screen.

I don’t receive your screenshot shows, i’ve validated that I have allowed pop-ups from Sketchup’s site

Screen shots are displayed as pop-ups so allowing pop-ups isn’t likely to help. How are you looking at the forum?

You’re probably talking about the download option.

No, I’m definitely talking about the ‘Save As’ Feature, i cannot save my drawing/model.

So click on it and it should take you to the Trimble Connect page and give you the option to give your file a name.

I gather you’re not interested in looking at the links I provided. The second one shows you how to use Save as…

@DaveR, one would think that is what it should do. And it does not :(. What do I need to enable in order for this to work? I have validated that I am signed into my trimble account

Can you get to the Trimble Connect screen when you click on the hamburger menu top left?

Yes, and it says I’m signed in, and that I need to save my file before i can sign out

What do you see when you click on Trimble Connect on the left side of the screen?

Are you saying that nothing happens when you click the “save as” button in the file / folder drop down menu?

@Caroline Yes nothing happens