'Save As' function in Online version?

I have started a file, which is a 3D rendering of a wall-mounted entertainment center. I want to show my wife a couple of different options for shelving,

I want a ‘base’ file, which has all the walls, and room layout, which I can then rename based on different design ideas.

My question is, where is the ‘Save As’ function? If I go to the top left corner and click on the file name, sure it allows me to give that design a new name, but it doesn’t create a new file, it merely renames the current one.

I do NOT want to restart every new design from scratch.



Never mind, I found it. It was under the icon of the file folder in the upper left corner, which I didn’t realize had it’s own drop-down menu.



I’m too confused by the non-standard menus. I’d very much want both Save, Save As and Open to be under a File menu so you know where to find it.


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