Move files on a Mac

Mac OS has for awhile now allowed for the moving of a file, or copy of, to another folder as a function right at the top of the file window where the file name is.

I don’t know anything about programming, but how hard can it be for the application developers to implement that capability into Sketchup? Since we’re encouraged to frequently save working files as…, in order to keep a history, should we ever need to return to a previous model “state”, that would sure simplify a workflow to keep a set of current files always residing in a “current” folder.

Like so many “spit and polish” upgrades that have been neglected for who knows how many years now, I’m sure this will be a loooong time coming - if ever.

Just one man’s request…

I’m confused by your request. File->Save As… opens a Finder-like dialog where you can navigate to whatever folder you want the save to go in. Thereafter SketchUp remembers where the the file was put and File->Save goes to that same folder. File->Save A Copy As… likewise opens a Finder-like dialog where you can choose where to save the copy. But unlike the regular save which creates a backup file each time, Save A Copy As… appends a sequential number to the name of the file each time thereafter.

There is a built-in shortcut (cmd-shift-S) for Save As, but none for Save Copy As. You could create one of your own if you don’t like having to go top menus.

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As I save as… one file, I’d like to move the previous file into a new “older models” folder. At present, I can’t do that directly in Sketchup, I have to go into the OS Finder.

When Apple added this to their OS, I thought it was kind of unnecessary, but I’ve since integrated it into my work flow with other applications, and it seems to work well now.