Where does everything save to and how can I change this setting?

I noticed every time I click save I’m not prompted to name, choose a location, or file extension to save as. How can I control these?
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I save to the Trimble Cloud and save skp files regularly to my computer explorer document files. That’s my back up system FWIW.

Use File → Save As. That will prompt you to select a name and file location. After that, File → Save should be pointed at the selected location.

there’s no file menu on ipad

Reminder, I’m on an iPad. When I click save, it doesn’t prompt me to name it or where to save it.

Do you have a pancake symbol in the top left hand corner? If you press the pancake and scroll down to download, you can cose skp. I am on windows.

Hmm. I don’t use iPads. Here’s the SketchUp help page on that: Working with SketchUp Files | SketchUp Help

I’m halfway there. When I click the home button it allows me to rename it. But doesn’t show where it is stored. I would think there is a place where I can set all this up? Hope someone can guide me in.

The help documentation says that files are saved in the SketchUp app folder and that “Export” allows one to save files to any location they want. Maybe that is an option.

Is this a new file you are saving or one you opened from somewhere?

On your iPad look in File>On My iPad>SketchUp.

If you open the file from your Trimble Connect storage it should get saved back to there.

If you go to the home page, you will see a bunch of ithumbnails representing the most recent opened files. If it has a folder icon, it is stored locally, or better said, all the file locations available when you open the ‘explorer’ of the folders app, or use ‘Open from’ in SketchUp:

At this moment, you can only rename it through the three little dots (kebab) menu. There are some other options there as well, like publishing it to Trimble Connect. Once published, the icon changes from folder to that of Trimble Connect.

Standard when creating a new file on the iPad the path will be On my iPad > SketchUp

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In the desktop version, preferences are set under the Window drop down menu, under Preferences. All settings are there for just about anything.
One of them is Files: set up where you want them saved and many other options.
Model Info has more things to help out as well.

Hopefully iPad is similar. Good Luck!