Saving to iCloud?

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I use a raid drive to back up locally but anyone using cloud backup or icloud backup good idea to have off site backup but have heard sketchup does not play well with cloud storage ?

Just don’t work directly on files that are saved to the cloud. Always save files locally and then sync the files in the cloud as a backup.

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Ok that make sense but what is the best way to set that up in icloud drive ?

I don’t use iCloud anymore but you should be able to sync files on your internal drive to the cloud. Maybe one of the Mac gurus can give you specific advice although a Google search should give you plenty of info on that. It’ll just be like syncing other files to the cloud. If you need to work on a SketchUp or LayOut file that you’ve saved out to the cloud and you haven’t got a local copy, first download it to your computer before you open it.

what do you want iCloud to do, and why?

your answers will aid giving advice…


Well i just want to save an offsite copy whch sycs so always is up to date incase the worst happens i already save to my raid but offsite seems a good idea and i am a mac user so thought icloud would be sensible although i do selectively use icloud because i like my files stored locally rather than in the cloud so i switch off optimised storage so all files remain local …so just a offsite sycronised copy really perhaps theres a better alternative availible ?

the biggest issue is if you have both SU AutoSave and iCloud/etc… auto sync enabled…

they can clash from time to time, potentially corrupting the current document…

I never use SU autoupdate and I only sync with cloud folders manually or out of hours…

I reserve iCloud for app files I use on more than one device and Dropbox for ones I allow others to use…

as long as others only manually update the shared DB folder, than we only ever have minor timing issues… [DB can be slow sometimes…]

If it’s just for yourself you could schedule a SU folder to sync to iCloud once or twice a day…


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Thanks John yes i only use icloud for sycing folders i want across more than one mac usually spreadsheets etc . Yes it is just for me but i am not sure if i can sheduale icloud to sync a local folder once a day ? aside from that is there a way to sync a folder to icloud Manually ?.
thanks for the help

You could sync it with rsync in the Terminal for free. You could set in on a schedule with Automator or some other script to run it daily. You could buy something like Carbon Copy Cloner for ÂŁ33.70 to sync on a schedule every day or how often you want.

If you’re syncing over multiple computers, you’d have to think carefully about how to deal with conflicts.

one rsync way is described here…