Sync settings between iMac and MacBookPro

Hi, What is the best way to sync my SketchUp Settings ( ~/Library.Application Support/SketchUp201x ) folder between both devices?
I would like to have my Style’s, Plugins, Layout & Scrapbooks and my logo’s on both devices synced.

I can do two things
1.) Make an Alias in the Application Support Folder/SketchUp 2017/ to my SU folder in Dropbox. Dropbox do the sync and I got it on the other device.

2.) Use async app like ChronoSync which sync both folders directly.

Any experience with one or both methods? What is the best?

you can use iCloud Drive to sync the folder to all your devices…

prior to v18 all the Preferences are not in that folder…

with v18, one issue you may have is with the two .json preferences files unless you have identical usernames on both…

different screen sizes may also show issues…


  • Thank you, I could do that. WIll upgrade my iCloud. Done. But how can I move that folder to iCloud, should I use an Alias?
    I mean ln like “ln -s /Users/rva/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/SketchUp/SketchUp\ 2018 /Users/rva/Library/Application\ Support”

Oke, I found the new folder settings in 2018, just upgraded.
Thank you.

A tip back
Btw I stil did the ‘ln’ command, that way I just did clicked the edit button for the file paths and it did go to the right place/path. No search needed. Edit and just Ok did the job

Btw I stil use the ‘ln’ also for the template folder which is not editable. Is there a reason for this?

Besides the files in the Support folder there is at least one file in the Preferences folder. What information is stored in each of these files, does anyone know?

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/PrivatePreferences.json
~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json

PrivatePrefrences.json and Prefrences file are for local settings.
F.e How many times SU is started, where the Folders are positioned, what Plugins are used. Window settings.
A lot of them you don’t want to have them shared. So, don’t share the json file, or you have to have exactly the same setup and settings, read ‘Like a Clone’.

You could share the sharedPrefrences.json, as far as I can see. This one contains global acceptable settings like color of the x-y-z beams among other usable global settings , like shortcuts. I did create a ‘ln’ to that file, because I did not see, for now, any other option to share that file.
You could do a one time copy from both of those json files to the other device and changes what is needed in SU.This, like the path info works, when, like John wrote, the user names are the same.

I ask because for years, I’ve kept multiple versions of my SketchUp .plist files (and PowerCADD’s for that matter) that I swap back and forth for two different work environments: on the road with just the MacBook’s built-in monitor, and on my desktop with an external monitor in addition to the MacBook’s monitor. Each has a different setup of floating palettes, and this seems to be the file where that’s stored. If the issue is working between two different machines, then each machine should keep it’s own layout of palettes that are screen size specific, and not sync that file, I would think.

On the flip side, I’ve wished for a simple system to choose among saved work setups. Manually swapping preference files is a pain. A PowerCADD user once wrote a little utility for doing this preference swapping operation, but it kept breaking with each MacOS upgrade, and I think he got tired of fixing it. It only worked on PowerCADD’s preferences anyway and didn’t take care of SketchUp’s.

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