Saving scene / style


When updating a scene after editing the style, I do not get the option to save style as new, it just automatically overwrites the current style without the prompt. Can anyone advise on how to reinitiate this prompt?

v: SketchUp Pro 2016 on Windows 10

Go into Preferences>General and turn on the warning again. Going forward don’t turn it off.

Complete your profile with that information along with the graphics card model.

Thanks for the instruction, Dave.

If I did turn it off, it was a misfire.

Have a great one!

You’re welcome. Now fix your profile.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by ‘fix your profile’. And again, thank you for your help, but is the rudeness necessary?

Oh, I honestly didn’t see the last part of the comment … my brain skipped over it as metadata once I saw the answer. Will do, sir.

No rudeness intended.

Got it. Just a bit of observation, but when a stranger says to me, or anyone, “Now, go [command]”

Perhaps this might resonate with you if you’ve ever been in a similar situation with consulting an expert in any field of study you’re not adept with but humbly ask for advice.

Have a great evening (or whatever per your current placement), Dave!

Sorry that you misunderstood my request but as I had already asked and you hadn’t done it, I requested again. It’s something that you should have done when you initially signed into the forum in March orf 2019. That information helps us help you.