Save tool settings in layout


would like to save settings for lines - maybe with different names such as line weight, arrow settings - also rectangle settings and so on


You could make a template with those settings or make a Scrapbook containing elements with those settings.


Thanks Dave but I don’t see how that can work. All I want is if I set up the line tool with an arrow and a certain line weight and then switch to rectangle filled white for a mask that I could jump back to the line setting without having to work all the way through it again. Maybe a built in macro? Paul


Use the Scarpbook for that. Make entities with the various settings and add them to a scrapbook. When you want to create a dashed red line with a giant arrowhead, get the Line tool, hit S and sample the dashed red line with the giant arrowhead in the scrapbook. Then draw the new line.

If you want to place text in 37-point Arial, get the Text tool, hit S, click on the 37-point Arial text sample in your scrapbook.

Sampling also works with entities already in the LO project, too.


Bless you! You have saved me a ton of time. I had never come across sampling.


Thank you. It comes in handy for a lot of things as you can imagine.