Repeating different dim styles and colors in Layout

In preparing construction drawings using Layout I need to use two different types of dimensions to denote information. The two different dimension styles are shown as red and orange in the attached sample. The dimensions must be different colors and different font styles.

I expected I could setup something in bookmarks to make this task easy; but no success. I have tried sampling (eye dropper) and paint bucket but that process alters dimension line offsets and text positioning. There can be many hundred dimensions in a project. Individual formatting and/or alteration is not a good solution.

Any ideas for a straight forward workable process?

I am using SU2022 and LO2022. They work well and are dependable for earning a living.


With ‘bookmarks’ you mean Scrapbook elements?
If set up accordingly to your needs, one can hover over it, click to pick up the settings while placing the dimensionsing, might saves a few clicks

Check this thread:

I will have to test to see if my method works for you - but I keep dims and notes and leaders off the printable paper size to the left. I then use the eye dropped tool and then select the dimension (or leader, or text) tool and begin working.

Does that method not work with your particular styles / setup?

The way to achieve what you are looking has already been alluded to by @MikeWayzovski … so all I am doing here is elaborating on it a bit.

You can use the “File / Save As Scrapbook …” facility to save a dimension set up with the precise color, line weight, font type, font size etc. for each style/type (your words) of dimension that you want to use… This will enable you to remember / save / reuse different styles/types of dimensions as individual Scrapbook items.

Then ,when you start dimensioning a new window in LayOut, simply select the “Scrapbook” item for the “Style/Type” of dimension you want to use. One obvious drawback of this technique is that you will have to resize and perhaps rotate the first use of each dimension type on each page.

But then once there is a dimension on the Page of the Style/Type you want to use for the “next” dimension … you can use the eyedropper “Select” tool to select the “Style” of the dimension. And then, to apply that “Style” to the next dimension, you also have to select the “Dimensions” tool. Once the tool is selected it will then have the “Style” of the dimension you sampled with the eyedropper “Select” tool.

Thus there is an extra mouse click every time you “change” the dimension style … but you can minimize the impact of that by doing all (or at least most) of one style of dimension before moving on to the next style (of dimensions).

Meanwhile, you mentioned in your original post that the eye dropper “alters the dimension line offsets and text positioning.” Could you share a sample LayOut file with us so that we can better understand what you mean by that? Because I am not sure what you mean … as far as I can tell (in LayOut 2024) ALL of the “Dimension Style” attributes are picked up by the eyedropper “Select” tool … and thus, afterwards, when the “Dimensions” tool is selected it has ALL of the attributes of the “sampled” dimension.


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This scheme will work well for my purpose, Thanks.

I was attempting to do something similar just had not been able to discover the order steps.

Thanks. Method is what I was looking for.

I have my templates built with my dimensions and notes and leader ‘samples’ off to the side. Easy to have them all available on all sheets when you start a new project.

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Wow, what a brilliant idea!

I’ve just been experimenting with this approach, and for certain documents, it’s much faster than using the scrapbook. Plus, when you want to hide everything off the page, simply use ‘Zoom to Page’ instead of ‘Zoom Extents’.

Thank you :+1: :grinning:

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