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Hey guys,

I am very new to this platform and not even sure how to ask properly so I will just try to be practical.
I just signed up for the free web version before I dive deeper or sign for a paid version.
I wanted to try it first before I buy anything.

I have two questions.
How do I save/export my design to my coputer to say a file that I can re-import when I need it agan?
How do I make the settings window disappear? When I click “App Settings”, the black settings window appears, but when I’m done changing, there is no “Ok” or “Save” or anything button and I can not get rid of the window, only move it around in the browser window.
Again, I am using the web version.

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Click on the menu button at the top left corner and then Download.

Click on the X in the upper right corner
Screenshot - 8_19_2023 , 8_59_38 AM

Out of curiosity, what sort of stuff will you be modeling in SketchUp and how will you use your models?

Excellent, thank you for the help DaveR.
Does any of ‘SKP’ and ‘STL’ support importing the data so that it can be ‘continued’ as saved work?
I assume PNG can not, since it’s just an image format correct?

The X in the settings windo is very hard to see for me, but it ofc works fine, thanks for the tip.

I would like to model furniture that I would like to make, I was actually looking for a good modeling tool and I foud this one as one of the most highly recommended.

Yes, the .,skp file extension is the native format for SketchUp models. You can re-open it from your browser window where you are running the Free sketchup application. Use the Open/Mydevice to re-load your saved model from your computer.

Or you can save your files to Trimble Connect (10GB of free storage even for SketchUp Free users) and reopen them from there.

Sorry for the delay. I think John answered your question. The .skp file format is the native SketchUp format and what you want to download if downloading to your computer. If you are using SketchUp on the web saving will save to your Trimble Connect cloud storage. Naturally SketchUp Free will want to look there for your file when you want to open it although you can open it from your computer.

SketchUp is great for modeling furniture. You might consider giving SketchUp Pro’s 30-day trial a go. The main part of the Pro subscription is the desktop version of SketchUp and LayOut (for creating documentation such as shop drawings, presentations to clients, full size patterns, etc.) as well as SketchUp Go, SketchUp for iPad, and a bunch of other stuff. With the desktop version you can expand SketchUp with various extensions that can be very useful. There are tools for creating complex geometry and, if you would find them useful, cut lists, and all manner of other things.

I use SketchUp mainly for woodworking and frequently create shop drawings which include cut lists. Here are some examples to give you an idea.

Lowboy designed by Philip Lowe.

A desk designed by Tim Rousseau.

A wall cabinet designed by Steve Latta.

The plans for these pieces are all available from Fine Woodworking/The Taunton Press.

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Sketchup web is a reasonable good tool but lacks of some tools that the sketchup go and sketchup pro versions, by the way if you’re going to use the software for commercial purposes you must acquire a license, I recommend the sketchup pro license, it gives you access to the desktop version which is way superior than the the sketchup go web or sketchup for iPad, it also includes the iPad and go versions. The main advantages that sketchup pro has are the possibility of installing plug-ins that can take the program to another level and Layout, one of the best tools to go from 3D to 2D imo.

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