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Hi there,

I’m working on a specialized sound software (EASE 4.4) and i need to export a SKP file but ver 8 of older!!!
I know, this is creazy, but i’ve just purchased Sketchup Shop, and i can’t save or export in this legacy format.
Is there any solution for me?
Thanks for your help.

You could use a desktop version of SketchUp, SketchUp 2021 for example, to do that.

Or IF and ONLY IF you are using it for personal and non-commercial purposes, you could download SU 2017 Make, open your files in that, then Save As … version 8.

Or even work in SU 2017 Make.

But you would be breaching the licence terms if your work is commercial, I think, using Make that way.

Have you tried the Collada export, it contains a somewhat more generic format skp.

I probbly need to pay for it do I?
I already paid 199 $ for the shop version. But if it’s included in the shop version, tell me how to do that.
Thanks ofr your quick reaction

I appreciate your answer John, but i’m using as commercial purposes and, as you mentionned, i can’t do that. Thanks for your tip anyway
Kind regards

Export/Collada is included in the Shop version:

I believe you can upgrade your subscription to the Pro desktop version, for less than the whole cost of a new Pro subscription. There’s at least one post or thread about it, but I can’t remember where it is.

Try a forum search.

Collada is not a SKP file is it?
I just tryed, but it doesn’t propose me version 8 … of do i something wrong?

No, you didn’t. Export to Collada file format, then File/Import that file into SU v8

SketchUp 2021 would not be included in the subscription to SketchUp Shop.

John showed you how you could export the Collada file which could then be imported into SketchUp 8 if you have it.

I have it. I’ll try in a couple of minutes.
Thanks guy’s. I really appreciate your support.
Have a nice evening (or night)
I let you know

I’ve just tried it in a Desktop version. The export comes in looking ok, but I see it has lost all tags/layers.

Geometry and materials seem to be ok, on a quick glance.

All components in Outliner and the Component browser have been renamed Component #1, … , Component#n.

But i don’t have any app in my PC who recognize the AED extension. So, i can’t change it and therefore, can’t open in Sketchup 8

Do you have to do this as a one off, or repeatedly over time?

If it’s only a one-off, you could use the first 30-days of Make while it is a Pro trial. Sailing perhaps a little close to the wind, but I think it would be ok as it is a (time limited) Pro trial.

SU8 (assuming you have it - perhaps you don’t?) will happily IMPORT (not Open) a DAE (Collada file).

Like this (in SU 8 on Mac), from the File/Import menu:

I have SU8, but the problem is that when I export the DAE file, in the “download” folder, the extension is XML, or something else. As i don’t have any application in my PC that read DEA, the file can’t be save with the DAE extension. And because of that, SU8 can’t open it.
I try to find a way to transform the extension of that file, like we did years ago, but with WIN10 is not that easy.

The file should export with a .dae extension. Don’t double click on it to open it - that’s opening something like a Text Editor and showing you the XML contents.

Open SU8.

Go to the File menu, then Import in SU8, choose the file type to import as I showed you, then find the file, probably in your Downloads folder, and select it.

Then click on the Import button in the bottom right of the file selection dialogue.

I’ve just tried it with a nearly empty SU Shop file.

Save your file in Shop, to the cloud.

Go to the menu then do the Export, and check all the boxes in the Export Options dialogue. Here they are before I checked the non-default boxes.

And afterwards

Click [Export] and you get this dialogue.

Wait till the conversion is finished. Then click on the underlined link Import/Exports tab .

When the export is finished, you get a popup telling you so.
Then click on the download arrow image to the right of your file

This is what I see when I go to my Downloads folder, and follow the steps above - open SU 8, File/Import, choose the Format DAE, select my Test DAE.dae file, then click Import.

Just follow the steps I’ve described. You’re doing something different at some point, if you aren’t getting the DAE export file with the extension .dae.

Hi John,
Again, thanks for your tips.
I have to go now, but i’ll let you know if I could do it.
Good night to you

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That’s a lot. Which number is wrong, the first one or the one in the middle?

DAE is XML, just a different file extension.

If you have SketchUp you can stay with importing DAE, or opening SKP. If you need send the file to someone else, send the DAE if they don’t have SketchUp, and the SKP if they do.

There should be an option to display extensions in the explorer, or just right click and choose ‘properties’