Sans Kumiko or Kumiko

Line style is called Pencil Sketch which comes from a style set called 39 Pencil Styles available from the Sketchucation Shop.


Hi Dave,

I was very impressed with the drawings of the chests, and the pencil style. I purchased the 39 pencil styles you mentioned, but for some reason the shadows remain unaffected though the lines are correct. Shadows are turned on,
I’m using Sketchup Pro 2017 on a Mac. Any idea what might be happening? I’m including a png of the result.

post processing of an image with lines and a second image with only shadows used as a mask for a hatch pattern image…

my guess…


The sketchy shadows aren’t a style. They were done in post processing and combined with the lines image. Only the edges are affected by the style.

Aha. Thanks John and Dave. By the way, though I love SketchUp I am always blown away by by the dedication and seemingly infinite patience you all bring to the forums.