Custom Style ... and edges toggle?


Have not been able to find out if this image is total Sketchup or if there is an added VRay component.
Wondering if anybody here could tell me?
Couple of interesting things going on.
First, continuous solid lines in full sun switch to “open” lines in shadow. From what this “newbie” can tell, that is not an automatic SketchUp function. Am I right?

SantJosepJMT SantJosepJMT.jpg


The image may be too small to inspect.
Don’t know if it posts larger.

Will try to get a larger image here.
… try this:



The windows appear to have some sort of reflections on them. This is not a feature of SketchUp rendering.


It might be pure SketchUp. The edges are set to be not black but light to medium gray so they appear light when in shade. Our eye betrays us a little. The edges are all the same colour despite appearances. The general tone might have been applied in Photoshop.


Quck aside: I did something and now everytime I hit the space bar the info window pops up, the one with the list in left hand margin for Animation, Classification, …, Geo-Location, …,etc…
Any clue how I stop that or what I did?

Disappointed in '18 (for my use)

this is just a random piece of building built to figure this out. As Anssi says, the lines are grey, so they appear black against white and white against dark. see optical illusion where A & B are the same color !

There may be a way to configure this in styles, but I had to take it into photoshop and make a difference mask to make the shadows brown.


Regarding your building with the brown shadows: you said you had to take it into photoshop to make the shadows brown. But the white lines within the brown shadow … how did you do that, did you have to do that in Photoshop?

I just drew the shape below. The two light lines within the shadow were, to my surprise, automatically generated. It’s hard to understand the logic here, bacause I would have assumed that there would have been a third light line along the red axis bounding the “mid level” square. No light lines on the green axis at the base on the shadow side either …?

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 6.36.07 PM.png


unfortunately i deleted the model. But the lines are light like your own example.( well they are grey - so appear lighter on top of dark and darker on top of light.) In photoshop version A and B and used “hard mix” blending mode to get C. C was then put on top and with color adjustment made it brown. The C image is black with the white lines still in it.