How do I achieve this look in my model?

I’m looking to find a way to achieve this look on my models in SU. I’ve looked everywhere for a style or plugin that achieves something like this but haven’t found anything close. Does anyone know how this is achieved? Or is it simply that a snapshot image of the model is taken into Photoshop and adjusted there?


This is just native Sketchup, No Photoshop here.

Face Style: Shaded
Background Style: Grey
Profile Lines: On
Edges: On
Shadows: On (soft)

It’s the same as this screenshot I just took, however in this case, as I have imported geometry from Zbrush I have Edges turned off to get rid of the triangulation.

Edit: This one has edges + profiles on, similar to the example you provided. However in the example the shadows are slightly softer and it has a more pastel colour palette in the model giving a nicer look.

These models are all off to the Photoshop farm anyway so I don’t spend too much time making the actual colours, just enough so that they can be selected independently from the rest. In fact when preparing for Photoshop they are painted like this instead, grouping via intended colour groups/material. Just a poor many chroma key really!

Hope that helps!

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Ahh, thanks for the info. I’ve set it as you’ve said and it does now look a little like yours but as I’m modelling houses and the colours are much less vibrant I didn’t quite get the same look. So I’ve changed the face colours to something like and it’s pretty much there, but the houses now look really odd. Haha.

Awesome modelling examples btw. Amazing work…and you work at Volvo?? Do they use SketchUp for anything?

Yes, the style lends itself more towards subjects with lots of line paneling etc. When you have large sections of flat faces with no details it does not always give the same effect. A way to get around this is to add more details to the model but again that angle does not always work well with houses!

Some rendered have a type of cell shading filter that you can apply. I have not used one in years since I had 3DS Max but there may be a SketchUp renderer that has one? I haven’t been able to replicate the effect myself in Thea Render but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Cheers and good luck!

Edit: @JuJitsoup I start soon so if they don’t already then they will be by next week ha. But I expect not, probably using CATiA & Autodesk stuff.

Nice gig you’ve got there. Love 'em. I’m getting a nice shiny XC90 in a couple of months…Good Luck.

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