Everythng is grey when I create a new style showing just the edges...instead of the all white I see on tutorials. please can someone help!

Hi, I hope someone can help me, self teaching SketchUp and this is the problem I’m having, my reason for wanting an all white model with just black lines, is to then import and render on photoshop. But when I create a new style with just the edges showing, it all looks grey, instead of the all white I see on Tutorials for creating styles and scenes to load into photoshop.
Does someone know what I am doing wrong or step I’m missing to create an all white scene? (there is no roof on my model)

Also a similar issue with grey, when paining a render scene in SketchUp, when I try to paint a wall and it stays looking like its default grey…is there a way to make that wall look white?

Thanks in advance, Lauren

Looking just at an image, we must guess what is going on. If you can share your skp file we can tell you exactly what is happening.

I suspect that you have shadows and “use sun for shading” turned on, and the sun is down near the horizon due to the time of day.

Open the Shadows window and click the little icon with the triangle and + at the right to open its secondary panel. See if “use sun for shading” is checked. If that’s the case, you can move the Light and Dark sliders all the way to the right to cause both the lit and the shadowed areas to show as pure white. If some still show as blue-gray you have faces reversed so that their back sides are showing. Right-click and select “reverse faces” to fix their orientation.

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Thank you so much, for future I will send my skp file, but for now you helped me a lot thanks! It was only because my shadows were turned on… Such a simple thing so cheers for that. I’ll import the shadows separately.
And reverse faces is a good tip to watch out for for the future!
Thank you so much