Sand ripples in a soundbox, and maybe other array experiments

I’m fascinated by the possibilities behind copying long curves in giant arrays, to create wavy surfaces that can simulate water, sand, cloth, etc. I haven’t moved beyond arraying down a straight line yet, but already find the simplest shapes beautiful when repeated 100x in plain-old default style. Here’s a simple speaker-skin texture I made using a single-piece solid grill that took my poor little i7 a minute to trim into a disc, ha.

At first I trimmed the wrong way around.

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Vol 2: two obvious variations to finish this one. arrays of the trim stretched upward and deepening of the disc. bit dizzying.

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Modeling studded glass this past week to learn my way around curviloft, but in the end couldn’t get this shape out of curviloft anyway! Making a cut shape for solid tools was proving more complex than it seemed on the face, so I switched to pure native tools - every face of the sphere built as components in array with very little evil “thinking” required. Resulted in a very pretty, soap-ish “texture”. (Still curviloft for the sides and neck of the middle shape.)

the process

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 15.16.01

ad absurdum move-copy version

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