[Safe Frames] Control Viewport Aspect Ratio — Mac

Continuing the discussion from Resize window on Mac:

The UI of your Eneroth Viewport Resizer is easy to comprehend.

The UI of Safe Frames by SketchUp Team has me (along with two of my clients) baffled.
How does one set the viewport aspect ratio to, say, 4:3 or 3:2 … ?

Setting the aspect ratio to 1.3333333333333333 (4/3) should to my understanding set the aspect ratio to 3:4. The UI could be improved to parse 4:3 as a division and use it as a ratio. 0.0 Is a special value meaning the aspect ratio follows the viewport, but it’s not very obvious. I’d rather show it as an empty field or something in a UI. Progressive disclosure could be used to reduce clutter, i.e. you press an Export… button and only then see the options for pixel width, height etc.

Here’s another interesting ‘feature’ of Safe Frames.

SketchUp can export PDF.

But the Safe Frames export feature doesn’t support PDF

This appears to be a bug.

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For the record, I’m adding ratio parsing support to Eneroth Viewport Resizer 2.

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Indeed. This extension was extracted from my old V-Ray Toys way back when.

Feature requests can be logged here: https://github.com/SketchUp/sketchup-safe-frames/issues
(Pull requests with improvements are also welcome.)

Didn’t realize that worked on Windows. Recent change maybe?

That’s strange - it relied on the logic in SU itself to find the appropriate exporter.
Logged this as an API issue: https://github.com/SketchUp/api-issue-tracker/issues/367

Can it export to DWG or DXF? The PDF exporter in SU exports vector graphics like the DWG one does, too

To my knowledge SketchUp has always supported PDF export cross platform but only supported import/reading on Mac.

No. Actually, I think I know why PDF doesn’t work now - DWG, DXF and PDF are 2d exporters - separate from the raster exporters (IIRC). And 2d exporters have never been hooked up. I think we have an open issue for that.

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So it boils down to “2D exporter” and “Image exporter” not meaning the same thing?

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