Eneroth Viewport Resizer 2

I’ve just published my first ever remake of one of my classic extensions.

This new version of Eneroth Viewport Resizer has a nicer less dated UI, lets you update the viewport size live, lets you set the ratio and last but not least lets you pick a ratio from the model.



Hi Julia,
Just installed this on my Mac system with latest S.U. version and couldn’t get it to work… Then looked at the plugin page and read that it Mac is not supported. Knowing your methods and plugins, I’m sure you have a good reason that this is Windows only. Just wondering what the problem is with Mac in relation to function?

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Macs use completely different APIs for resizing windows. I’m not sure it’s even possible to access system level functionality like this from within a SketchUp plugin on Mac.

It’s possible actually on Mac.

However, Windows, like OSX, suffers from limiting the height of the Sketchup window to what is available on screen. So you can reduce the size of the viewport, but not increase it beyond the maximized size (on Mac, you can however increase the width as much as you like).

Another technique, available on Windows only, is to change the viewport size ‘in place’, without touching the main window. With this approach, you can redefine the viewport size to be smaller or larger than the screen (see below for smaller). This is something I will use for Animator videos.

If you download LibFredo6 11.2c, you can access these functions from the Ruby console.

On Window or Mac, just type G6.viewport_resize(width, height) where width and height are the desired size of the viewport in pixel.

On Windows only, type G6.viewport_resize(width, height, true) to resize the viewport ‘in place’. You can use resolution which are much larger than the screen size (I tried with 4000x 4000). To return to the normal mode, type G6.viewport_resize.

Note: if the G6.viewport_resize command appears as not defined, just launch any of my plugin, or a menu of LibFredo6. It is loaded on demand