S-U 2020 PRO lagging and running slow on DELL Workstation

Hello, I am new here and not a native english speaker. I am not also very keen on IT, I have purchased new DELL precision worsktation originally from DELL seller, and purchased also Sketchup Pro 2020. I have an issue with slowish rotating when viewing around my model, also other components (windows, textures) are showing up slowly when rotating view, switching scenes…All model freezes for 3-4 minutes when I set up sun shading…
I have never these issues on gaming laptops with nvidia gtx 1050ti in my previous job (my boss didnt like desktops), but this time i am working on my own and purchased new pc and new licension on my own and i am upset by its behaviour… My PC is DELL PRecision tower 3640, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX Quadro 4000 8GB RAM and processor intel i7 10700k. So i thought it would be all smooth and fast…If you can help mi, i would be very thankful! Thank you! Rog

can you go to window > preferences > openGL > graphic card detail and tell what’s written at the top ?

Hi, thank you for your answer! I can see this text:


you should try updating your drivers, as the latest version for your graphic card is 461.09 (and you currently have 452.39) and restart computer.
if it does not work any better, try lowering the multisample anti-aliasing, still in the openGL tab, in the preferences.
Even with a powerful machine, some heavy models can cause orbiting not to be smooth. There are a few options to disable if it is so. such as :

  • Lower antialiasing as previously said
  • turn off profiles in the styles panel
  • turn shadows off

thank you, i will try the update. Anti aliasing and profiles turned off is something, what i have done before and it works slightly better - smootlhly orbiting, but the main problem i slow switchnig between scenes (program stopped working and “is not responding”) andi have to wait 2-

3 minutes when the sun/shadows is turned on and my model is over 100 MB…

I can see that you are using vray, from the toolbars you have. And also that you have high-poly vegetation in your model.
You should learn how to make proxies with vray.

High-poly vegetation + shadows is one of sketchup’s worst enemies (to my mind). It can literaly crash sketchup.

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thank you, i will watch it and learn…but i wonder why is the (eith the same sketchup model) performance on my pc worse than on a half cheaper laptop…

Are you sure that the model was exactly the same? When did you add the vegetation?
What does the Window menu>Model info>Statistics page say about faces and edges in your model with the “Show nested components” box enabled?

100MB is in my books a very large SketchUp file. I just finished a competition entry for a 5000 m² building and the model was a bit over 8 MB. Some time ago someone posted here a model of an apartment building where something like 80% of all the geometry was in a couple of ivy plants growing on the ground floor wall. 3D plants consisting of 3D leaves and branches are not a viable way of representing masses of entourage in SketchUp.


yes, i have tried it with my old laptop and on my new pc simultaneosly, at the very same time and the results vere clear - pc was noticeably slower. Also i am not able to make such small skp files even without any components and with common family house…

do you sometimes purge your models ? go to window > model info > satistics > purge unused. then save the file again

If you delete components from your model, they will remain in your file unless you purge them.
the “3 minutes” freezing might just be the autosave being in progress, the bigger the file is, the longer you’ll have to wait for it, obviously

by the way, that may explain why you feel like the laptop is faster, as nowadays they are more likely to be equipped with Solid State Drives (SSD), which make a significant difference for autosaves

yes, of course i purge it and have SSD in PC and in laptop… i have no idea why it freezes when i want to change sth - turn on/off lights, switch scene… exactly the same file in laptop is much faster…

can you send one of your files with wetransfer so we can have a look at it ?

Are you talking about some rendering application or plugin? Is Vray rendering your every model change immediately in the background (Is Interactive rendering on?)