Running Layout on a Mac Mini


I bought a new Mac Mini with I7processor with 16 gig of memory 500gig ss drive specifically to run 2016 SketchUp Pro. As I remember it worked well. I then upgraded to Sierra 10.12.2. Sketch up seems to work fine but Layout is unstable and generates continuous bug splats, particularly in editing title blocks. After reading some comments I am beginning to believe my graphics card is to blame. The perceived better performance with El Captain might be explained by higher demands made by Sierra. Since the graphics card in a Mac Mini can not be upgraded it appears my only choice is an external graphics card such as using a Bizon box with a graphics card. Alternately I could go back to El Captain, however I am unsure that will solve the problem. Can someone confirm that the graphics supplied by the Mini is inadequate an what the best course of action might be.


What version of LO 2016 are you using? My guess is it isn’t the last version which was updated for Sierra.

See this thread: Continues crash of Layout from earlier today.

It could be the graphics card, too.


I saw reference to downloading the latest version and I did. I did reload SketchUp from the reference you sent. My LayOut version is 16.1.1451. Is this the correct version?



I have not heard from you. Do I have the proper version?


I just checked my Mac and it’s the same version, which I assume is the last 2016 version. Unfortunately the LO version isn’t on the release notes.



Do you have stability problems running layout on your mini. Particularly with text.


When using a Mac I have SketchUp on an i7 MacBook Pro which has an NVIDIA GPU, so there is probably a difference there.



So is it positive that the mac mini graphics can not handle LO. I know the rest of the mini is quite robust and can handle the processing. The only avenue besides a new computer would be to add an external graphics card. This could be done using a BizonBox and a nvidia cared. Is there any work being done at Trimble to solve this issue? Will futue versions of sketchup mitigate these issues or infant exasperate them? Can anyone out there offer an opinions?


Hello najduch,

I am just curious about if you eventually tried out using a BizonBox to boost the performance of SU/LO on your computer? I am using a MacBook Pro (2014) with 16 GB of Ram btw.

With Photoshop it is possible to set up a (usb3) scratch disk, but with SketchUp I always run out of Ram so I have been thinking of purchasing a separate Graphic card as you mention, but it is quite an investment for me so I would be very much interested to hear from somebody if this BizonBox setup will actually work.




I have not tried a Bizon Box and probably will not in the future. As you noted it is an expensive solution, in the order of $1000. Bizon claims no problem. Apple advises against it. I figure it’s better to take that money an put it toward a better computer. My old computer is similar to yours and 16GB is max for Ram. I resisted upgrading my old machines operating system to make it capable of running SketchUp because I would lose my capability to run my antique version of Auto Cad. I would recommend getting a more capable computer.

Best wishes


SketchUp 2016 works fine with macOS Sierra, but LayOut 2016 doesn’t. That’s why we use SketchUp 2016 in combination with LayOut 2017. We don’t switch to SketchUp 2017 because it doesn’t support anti aliasing on Mac anymore.



I am currently running SketchUp and Layout 2016. I have been reluctant to upgrade because of fears of it putting larger demands on my anemic graphics. Are you saying I should upgrade to 2017 so as to use Layout and continue to use 2016 SketchUp?



That is exactly what I’m telling. Layout 2017 is also much faster and running more smoothly on your Mac mini.



Thanks. I will go that route.