Running Extremely slow Pro 2021 on Macbook Pro 2019

I Have been noticing my sketchUp has been getting extremely slow since upgrading to 2021. Its happening on all models including simple 4mb files where it opens fine and works well for a few minutes before lagging and working extremely slow. I shut down the program and reopen and it works fine again for a few minutes before reverting back to the lagging… Im srunning 2021 on my MBP 2019 16inch with 16GB ram and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB. I tired reinstalling the program but still same issue happens.

I have a similar MBP and don’t have this problem. I can think of two things that might be responsible.

One possibility is that you have an extension installed that is doing a lot of work monitoring what you draw and is accumulating baggage. Try disabling extensions selectively to see whether you can find a culprit.

If you look at Model Info->Statistics, what do you see for edge and face counts? Values of a million or more will bog down almost any computer. Large edge and face counts can sneak in if you include excessively detailed components from the extension warehouse. This would be a less likely match to what you describe, as the statistics don’t reset when you quit and restart SketchUp, unless the work you are doing involves adding “heavy” componets from the EW.

Hi @slbaumgartner thanks for the response. I tired disabling all the extensions and reopening sketchup and its still acting the same way unfortunately.

I also checked the statistics and it looks pretty low count for this model, I tend to model soild tools and dont import large 3D warehouse files.

Any chance you are using a 3dconnexion device?

Hi @Box nope im not using a 3dconnexion device

Ok, was just a thought as they did have a memory leak issue some time back.

@Box thanks anyways :slight_smile:

But that does raise the question: open the Activity Monitor and see how much CPU and Memory things are using. The model statistics you show are quite modest and shouldn’t be causing SketchUp to slow down. Something else is awry…

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