Rounded rectangles (not what you expect probably)

Hello, first off Im not seeing a general help section so I post here.

I’m reading through a pdf version of “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture: Modeling Buildings, Visualizing Design, and Creating Construction Documents with SketchUp Pro and LayOut
and on page 220-221 the book mentions rectangle, rounded, lozenged and bulged rectangles. The rounded rectangles is somehow created by inputting “1/2r” in the dimensions box after making the rectangle.
My problem is I cannot get that to work, nothing happens when I do it.

Any help I find only mentions using the arc tool and similar, which is not mentioned in the book in that context, and not the answer I look for. I specifically want to understand the what the book means. My question is not how to make rounded rectangles in a general way.

Sketchups own wiki shows this Making Rectangles | SketchUp Help and I believe it has something to do with what I mean, but im not sure to utilize it as I cant find a Rounded Rectangle tool in my version.

I cant get further on my own. I use the free 2017 version, with the pro trial still running.

Is that section of the book about Layout, not SketchUp? The wiki is describing workflow in Layout.

mh you are right. Chapter 12 LayOuts.
I’ve seen that name before. Based on your answer, it means LayOut must not be native. thanks

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Layout is a completely separate program that ships along with SketchUp Pro. It is used to make 2D construction documents using SketchUp models. Layout has its own set of tools and methods that are very different from SketchUp.