Layout - Rounded rectangles - adjusting the radius of the corners


I’m using the rounded rectangle tool on LayOut 22, is there anyway I can adjust the radius of the corners?

At the moment the corners are very rounded but I’d like to be able to adjust this. I’ve tried the shift, option & command keys but those don’t seem to do what I want.

Here shows the size of the rectangle I’m after with the rounded rectangle inside. I’d like the corners to only be slightly curved.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


From the Help files:

  • Round the edges of any rectangle. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key while creating the rectangle.
  • Change the rounding of rounded rectangles. Immediately after you draw a rectangle with the Rounded Rectangle tool, you can specify a radius for the rounded corners by typing a unit of measure and the letter r in the Measurements box. For example, to use a point value, type 10pt r, and then press Enter or Return.

Once you’ve finished it the radius is set and you would need to make a new one to get a different radius.


Thanks Dave!

The up/ down arrows don’t seem to work but it works when I type in the radius :+1:

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Scratch that the arrows work too! I just did it wrong at first :sweat_smile:

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When you enter the value, do you enter the value per model or is it true (“paper space”) dimension?

What? Please clarify your question.

When you enter a dimension for the radius of the fillets, is that value the sheet scale or will it apply the model scale?

Unless you are in a scaled drawing, when you draw in Layout it is 1:1.