Rounded corners with slanted sides

I am developing a tray that will fit into a car console. The bottom and corners of the console are rounded. I’ve learned to use Follow Me to get the appropriate radius on these edges. However my latest challenge is that the walls for the console are not equally sloped.

The front side of the console has a slope equivalent to +2mm at 40mm above the bottom. The sides of the console have a slope of +3mm at 40mm above the bottom. The radius of all rounded edges is 6mm. The bottom and sides of the tray will be 2mm thick.

The attached file is a sample of a corner of a tray. The rounded edges were created using LibFredo6’s Round Corners plugin. Though this gets me 90% there, it does leave me with a hole in the corner and square corners inside. I prefer to have the round edges inside and out of the tray but I could live with square on the inside.

Does anyone have some tips to achieve my desired results? Or should I just focus on adjusting my design (likely wall thickness) until the plugin is successful?

Thanks – Jeff

sample.skp (36.7 KB)

If I understand correctly, you want this sort of thing. Is that correct?

I used Fredo6’s Round Corner although his Fredo Corner might be a better choice. In either case, to avoid creating the hole like you got, you just need to round the inside first.

Using the “Squircle” shaped roundover gives a nicer looking corner between inside and outside.

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Wow…do I feel silly! It took me just a few minutes to recreate the model using Rounded Corners as you described @DaveR, and 30 minutes to print and confirm the results. I need to find some documentation on this plugin and learn more about it. The solution was right in front of me the entire time.

Thanks @DaveR!!

– Jeff

You’re welcome.

For more information on Round Corner you could look here and for information on FredoCorner see this.