Adding thickness to complex walls

I am trying to make a tray with .050" walls. I do not want a flat bottom all the way across. It should follow the contour of the dividers. How do I go about this? I started extruding the sides and realized pretty quickly that it would be a lot of work to make all of the intersections work out right. This item is to be 3d printed, so I am trying to use as little of plastic as possible by eliminating the open areas.

Tray2.skp (1.2 MB)
Thanks for any help.

I think you need a different approach to drawing this thing entirely. How thick do you want the bottom and sides?

Would this do the trick?

.050" wider and deeper all around. kind of… I’m still trying to avoid the empty space between the inside chamfered dividers and the bottom.

Maybe like this?

I used Fredo’s Joint Push/Pull.

That’s a pretty cool plugin. How did you get it to do the whole surface?

I didn’t. I only made the grooves in the bottom with it. I drew a box for the exterior faces and intersected the inside and the grooves with it. Then cleaned up the waste.

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