Give object thickness for 3d printing

Is there a plugin that will automatically add thickness to the walls in my drawing? It’s a fan shroud that turned complicated quickly. Trying to create walls inside of it will be very difficult, so i’m wondering if there is an easy button. I’m shooting for 60" thick walls(scaled up by 1000) out to the tips.

Thanks for any advise.

-MikeShroud.skp (415.3 KB)

Fredo’s “Joint Push Pull” if it will install.

I wouldn’t use SketchUp for what you’re asking. It might be possible to achieve with extensions, but there are other tools that you’re likely to need in the 3D printing workflow, that are expert at dealing with wall thickness. They also cope with supports and other issues when printing.

The ones I know best are Autodesk Meshmixer and Ultimaker Cura. Here are links for both:

The geometry of your model is quite messy, basically because you’ve been manually trying to make a 3d curve which can be quite difficult.
This messiness makes it very difficult to work with to get simple clean thickness, even with fredo’s Joint Pushpull.
Personally I would redraw it to make it cleaner and easier to work with. You could also improve the airflow from what you have there.

Here is a quick one using a bezier curve, curviloft and joint pushpull. You see it creates a nice smooth solid with thickened walls. Making one half allows you to just flip it and join them together. By making the mouth wider than half you can slice off part of the duct where they join to get a nice V throat. All three extensions will work with 2017 make.


Thanks for the direction. Your methods are way easier than the conventional tools I was using. Although, the Curviloft model to other surfaces was a bit tricky. Maybe I did not extend far enough off of the B&C faces before following the lines.
Anyway, here is what I am up to:

I’ll be sharing the STL files on Thingiverse for Flsun cube printer upgrades.


That’s looking good.
If you are considering do more of this type of thing you may want to explore SUbD and it’s associated tools.
SUbD Duct